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Thread: Clutch Pedal won't come back UP???

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    Clutch Pedal won't come back UP???

    Yo everybody, so what gives here?

    I can't drive my car now. Can't even shift into gears.

    I checked my clutch fluid reservior and it was mad low. Figured that was it. So I filled it up and still pedals sits on floor. Then I figure air might be in the sysytem and see clear fluid on ground right under tranny (leak due to air in system), so I heard now I must bleed entire sysytem and fill back up. This sucks.

    Anyone know how to do this, also heard you need 2 people for this job.

    Remember I cant drive and aint gonna pay for towwing of a few blocks to nearest Mr. Clutch.

    Thanks. Oh yeah, I have 93 CB7 with an H22A swap, if it makes a difference.

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    i had that problem once, i broke the hydraulic seal on my slave cylinder and had to replace it. it could also be the clutch master cylinder. they r two first things that would come to my head but i dont kno too much about clutches so some1 with more experience may tell ya somethin different

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    if your resevoir was low, you might have gotten air in the line. in that case you need to bleed your clutch system. same thing happened to me. i bled the line and everything worked again.

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    Exact same thing happened 2 me 2. i had to replace the clutch release cyl, and the master cyl. they were bout 20 a piece. u also have to bleed the system, which is really hard to do with the hard lines running all over the tranny, and with all the corners were air gets stuck. it took about 20min to bleed it. i also had a problem with the sping in the cabin on the slave that gives u pedel more pressure. that could also be the prob if it is worn out, or upside down. good luck

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    i also forgot to tell u. 2 people helps alot. also use a pump thing. i used a friends. u dont have to drain the whole system either. when u r bleeding it also watch ur fluid level, it will drop quickly, and if air gets in the line again, u have to bleed it al the way through the system. pm me 4 q's

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    ya same thing here :( but my slave clyinder is shot, gonna get it replaced soon i hope, just gotta keep adding more fluid every so often :)

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    Pin pointed my problem

    Thanks guys for all of your comments and advice. Well I found out that it is iNDEED my slave cylinder that the leakage is coming from. Basically, the boot part (rubber orcordian thingy) is ripped. Just ordered a new one for the H22A, now the question is, "How hard is it to remove old one and replace with new unit?" All help greatly appreciated.



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    i had this prob b4 i let my truck sit 2 months then i used my hand pumped the petal back and forth and it built pressure and worked fine but i had to pump it everyday b4 i left my house (this might work as a temp fix till your parts come in

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    Quote Originally Posted by swassheefry
    it could also be the clutch master cylinder.
    exactly....this same thing happen to me!!

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