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Thread: V6P KICK ASS Car Show

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    V6P KICK ASS Car Show

    OK so i told you guys i was having a meeting with some ppl tonight about the May 1st meet... well this is what we talked about....

    1st of all we have plans to get some space at the block and have a Car Show (all clubs invited) along with a BBQ
    (we will also be handing out flyers)

    2nd we will have LIVE bands playing along with DJ's

    3rd we are going to try and get some local shops to come out along with maybe some major local vendors

    we would do this the weekend of the 15th from 11am-4pm

    since it doesn't look like anyone in the so cal area can make it to the May 1st meet at the beach... yes we would still like to maybe do something on that day (May 1st) but it is also memorial day weekend and we just dont feel many people will make it....

    what do you So Caler's thing about this?

    we would need 100% yes's on this becuz we have to give the Block a number of cars so we get enough space this is for us to have fun and to really get V6P out there and we will also be getting new members

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    may 1st, memorial day?? i thought mem. day was late may.....anyways, is there an actual thread designed specifically for this so-called may 1st meet?

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    Is this going to be legit with a permit and the right to assemble? Last meet in San Diego we had an agreement with the cops and people had to leave by 3:00PM, no permit.

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    lol arent u a year too late?

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