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Thread: 19" on 6th gen. Accord

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    19" on 6th gen. Accord

    Having a serious problem here. I was told that 19X8 wheels with 225/35r19 would not fit on a 2001 4 cyl. Accord coupe. Anyone out there got the same car with 19's or know for a fact that they will fit without camber kit? Please help me out here because this is getting annoying as hell and I'm about to scream. ::cry::

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    I know that almost everyone on here who runs 19"'s runs a 225/35/19 size tire so whoever told that they wouldnt fit doesnt know what there talking about

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    yea but i think they might got 7.5 i think the 8 might be too wide... not positive though

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    I know 8 is not too wide on 5th gen that is the width on my but mine are only 17" tall

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    Quote Originally Posted by higabyte
    yea but i think they might got 7.5 i think the 8 might be too wide... not positive though
    that's what everyone has told me..."They should fit" but should is not good enough for me to buy. lol

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    well if there 17" thats gonna matter, and being a 5th gen matters too so that doesnt really help wickedsun much but higa is right i think most people who run 19"'s also run 7.5" width rims

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    Konig told me that they would fit too but I might just go with 18's and drop it.The whole reason I was getting 19's was that my front end was to low but I'm getting a new front end put on and it's considerably shorter than my old one. Therefore I can drop it again and not fear for the life of my front evertime I hit a bump to hard.Thank god for urethane. Thanks with the help everyone. Greatly appreciated.

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    Depends on the offset of the rims too.

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    I used 225/35/19 in my 19 X 8 wheels for accord sedan 2002, and there is no problem until now. Btw i lowered my car and i don't use camber kit

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