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Thread: Not new.... but back again

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    Not new.... but back again

    Hello old friends.... after years im back in the accord game. Just acquired a 96 Accord EX, Sherwood Green, automatic (will be changed soon.)

    Not much has happened, well, thats a lie, alot has happened since I disappeared. I sold my 95 Accord Swapped H22, to pay for my honeymoon, yup married now, have been since 2008. Also have a 3 year old son, who even made fun of the car for the "fart can" exhaust as my wife calls it. LoL

    Hope all is well on everyones end, I see some old names, i see vaginactrl is still active on here. I was a moderator on the long since forgotten accordingly done. I will be dabbling around on here, Ive been there done that with the H22 so im going for the F 20 B swap next once some money situations are lined out. I'll post pics shortly of the car. I traded my 94 Lexus GS300 for it (before I get flamed it had a failing transmission and rust) and the car isnt a "great" looking car, but , no rear panel rust! first order of business for her....

    The dreaded code 71 - 74, yup Misfire on all 4 cylinders. Im thinking ignitor chip, plugs, and wires. Its killing my mileage, im averaging only 16 MPG right now!
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    Mista Presley! been a minute dude. I got autobanned from AD somehow lol. Everything is on FB now, so I didn't have vex reactivate it. I'm still rollin a honda. It's just got 2 wheels now.

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    welcome back

    94EXcoupe (gone) / 07SEsedan - DD / 02IS - Fun

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