Got message from member on my other forum about doing new car prep, after couple pms we set up date and I came out the day before to check the car out and take some paint readings and address owners requests and concerns. Readings ranged from 76 to about 120microns. Seems to be about normal for paint. Arrived in morning, owner washed the car couple days before and havenít drove the car since so there wasnít any need for another wash, i did ipa wipe down of entire car, taped off all the trim. Inspected car with LED flash light since 1000W work lights werenít showing true damage. Some parts had more damage then others, lower doors had a lot of scratches, car has only about 300 miles but sat at dealership for about a year so it explains some of damage. Used hood as test panel, on parts of hood used PFW pad and M105, some only needed SIP and 106. Most of the car though was done with PFW and M105 and followed with M205 and orange pad and blue pad with Menzerna 106. Sealed with powerlock
Products and tools used
Meguaigs G100(pc7424)
Positector 6000
Meguaigs 105 and 205
Menzerna SIP and 106
Menzerna Powerlock
Megs APC plus
Im sure other things

Onto the pics
Initial condition

Now for 50/50



Finished pics

Thatís all. Sorry not a lot of pics this time, just didnít had much time for that