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Thread: F20B vs H22A

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin86
    Well what are your plans with the engine. Cause I belive that all of the F-series blocks are cast-iron and they sure are perfect for a big turbo and a lot of boost. Except for that the H22a has a little better numbers and you can get all the parts for it easier.
    The Block can hold it im sure...its the pistons and rods that im worried about :: Honda ringlands suck the big one when it comes to boost.

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    Just the thread I was lookin for! I've been lookin at the F20B for a few days now. I have been trying to find info on it but havent been succesfull at all. This thread has the most info I have found than everything else I have looked at combined in the past few days. I found the F20 at for 3 grand, which includes tranny, ecu, half shaft, the works, with options of axles and shift linkage, have any of you guys found it anywhere else? I'm thinkin about spending the difference of the F20 and the H22.

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    I bought mine years ago from (or something to that effect), but for all I know he's out of business. I hope not, because he was ne of the coolest mo-fos to deal with. Awesome deal, and he didn't BS me one bit the whole way. ::tu::

    Sounds like you got a pretty good deal though. Keep in mind, you're about to be without PS unless someone finally is fabricating a bracket to convert the electronic PS of JDM to the hydaulic you USED to use. :: Also, the wiring harness is a bitch to lengthen/install, so be ready for the nightmare. Take it to a reputable shop, preferrably one that knows what's up with that's pretty unique (once again, I'm speaking from 2 years ago experiences, maybe things have changed).

    Ummm, what else. Oh yeah, replace the clutch during install. Mine went out quicker than shit with pretty heavy street driving.

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    Thanks for the info merf. Anything else you can dig off the top of your head about this motor? ::happy::

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    As ricey as it sounds, even my TT pals would comment on how hard the VTEC engages on that engine. It's the only Honda in it's stock form that you can literally feel engage in 1st and 2nd gears. ::tu::

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    I know what I'm savin up for now.

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    I assume some F series parts for the f22 can be used on the f20? such as clutch, flywheel etc.

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    No, you would use H series. The F20b is literally a destroked H22. Ok, there are some differences in borem but very minute.

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    Holy Resserected Thread Batman

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnuzz
    I assume some F series parts for the f22 can be used on the f20? such as clutch, flywheel etc.
    F22's & H22's share the same flywheels & clutches anyways so it's a moot point...

    but things like headers, valvetrain and whatnot would be primarily H22 products...
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