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Thread: JDM Intersection lights

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    haha yea i saw the aftermath. he stopped playin w us long before that tho.

    Quote Originally Posted by Smeee View Post
    Brother just can't keep it in da pants...

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    Quote Originally Posted by htekken View Post
    i see, so u didnt even mod the CL????

    cokinut, those "plans" in ur sig ever go through? lol
    Actually they did! I blacked out my headlights but never put the DRL's though. I picked up some FF Type I coilovers and they made a world off difference on the car. After the header, apexi ws2, and a new job…I sold the CB7 to a local military wife who needed a family car and I picked up the Prelude. Then I decided I needed a new car instead of putting a few thousand into the prelude. So I found a white 2004 TL, dropped it, tinted, put a kit on ti, CAI and some other little things. I'll throw up some pictures when I get off work. It's nice to check out AT…it's been a long time!!!

    Oh and we just had an earthquake (5.9). I know the West coast peeps are used to it. But to have one here in VA - totally random.
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