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Thread: Delta Camshaft

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZigenBallz
    that should be enough...
    something to keep in mind though... aggressive cams like high compression...the 8.8:1 is a killer... in a perfect world domed pistons are king... but if your rings seal well and you have good cylinder compression and don't mind being a little ghetto, milling the head is a good cheap way to up the compression ratio... you can hit 10:1 without taking too much off...

    I have a little chart that'll calulate your cr vs. how much was milled off if anybody is interested...

    Hey, I'd like to see that chart... When I looked into milling I only thought it would be possible to get a small increase. Theres not a whole lotta extra metal on that head. I guessed a 69cc chamber volume, and calculated a 1.38mm (.054 in) mill to get to 9.8:1. THen I'd be worried about valves hitting

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    I just called Delta today and he told me it was $85 for the custom regrind for either the 262 or the 272, if you send in the camshaft. I asked him what modification i needed for each shaft and this is what the tech support guy told me.
    For the 262:
    He said it made for a stock engine to help give the engine a litle more pep. I didn;t get into the specifics, but he said there is no mods needed.
    For the 272:
    He said is a mild street race regrind, and gives more power throughout the powerband. He also said there is no mods neccessary for this cam either except a adjustable cam gear to help adjust timing, etc. And the only way u need to replace teh springs and other things is if there are problems right now on a stock cam.

    My question to you guys is should i stick with the 262 since i have a auto and only an i//h/e. Or should i go with the 272 and get a adjustable cam gear...either way i will pobably get a adjustable cam gear. But i am really worried about this mod and it affecting my car. I want the more peroformance from the 272, what do u guys think?

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    I've debated this issue as well and what worries me is the "you should be fine with stock valve springs" on the 272 regrind. Yea you will probably be fine to a certain point, but for how long & to what RPM is it safe? See my point? I want a reliable setup with no probs near redline cuz I am realistic with myself and know I'll be up there. I want reliability & durability throughout my entire project.

    I would say 260 with good condition or new stock valve springs I'd feel comfortable with. However for the 272, I'm going with aftermarket valve springs, now the prob is who? There are not many options out there, I've ran into two in which I've heard good & bad on both companies so it has me wondering at the moment.

    Sidenote: I'm set on the 272 because of the many people running it & I see they are happy with it, also it will match my setup very nicely ::

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    I know for a fact that JG Engine Dynamics makes "race" springs and they also make both titanium and magnesium retainers for the F22a engines. Just so that y'all know. It's on their website under their price thingy. I'll probably get my springs and retainers from them
    Prices: Springs and Titanium Retainers like $240
    Springs and Magnesium Ratainers like $170

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    2.2 sohc
    Is the Delta 272 grind for the f22b1 sohc vtec, or is it for non-vtec's or both? Also will my car still pass ca. smog emissions? :?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2.2 sohc
    Is the Delta 272 grind for the f22b1 sohc vtec, or is it for non-vtec's or both? Also will my car still pass ca. smog emissions? :?
    If you read the whoel thread you;d know tis already, but Delta does not regrind VTEC camshafts, don;t tell me why, i am just guessingt heat vtec is alot more complicated.

    And what does everybody think? I have an AT with I/H/E, should i get the 262, or 272? I want honest opinions!

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    I don't know if someone has mentioned this before, but it's a gigantic thread and I don't pull up any search matches....

    How much would a shop charge to install a new camshaft and tune the car? I don't doubt that I could do it myself, but she's my daily driver and I don't have nearly the right tools or environment to be pulling my engine apart....

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    well, i am sure ewither I or my brother could put my reground camshaft in, now tuning, i am not too sure about...and i really don;t know any shop that does that kind of thing...although i am sure they do

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    u guys reccomend a regrind? or buying aftermarket cam?

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    I just got my camshaft in from a guy in LA, it's from a Prelude S. It seems to be in really good shape, hopefully I'll be sending it out to Delta for the 272 regrind sometime this month, like, after I get paid again. I'll probably be installing it myself, but I need to know if I need to get a cam gear also, does anyone know if it works best on stock settings or if I should retard/advance the timing? Thanx.


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    I have alwasy heard that an adjustabel cam gear is the only thin g that is neccessary. When i called Delta thats what they told me, and just in case you were curious, if u are going to order a regrind, u must call and place the order, the online order form is not working and they said they were not when it would be fixed!

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    would having a lot of miles like 250+ be a bad idea to get a cam?

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    WEll, as long as u have no problems with you head, and you lifter and springs are ok, i don;t see why there would be nay problems, but if there is any doubt maybe an unpgrade in springs is a good idea, just make sure u have an adjustable camshaft, and u get it all worked out, like timing etc. call delta and ask them what they think

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    k...quick noob question, how does getting a reground cam increase tq. n hp??? duno if this has been answered yet or not but does getting a reground cam shorten engine life??? and how much a diff in gas milage are we talking about??? thanx

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