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Thread: why wont my amp power up?

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    why wont my amp power up?

    ok...i just hooked up my amp and the power light doesnt come on and my subs dont hit...i ran my power wire from the battery to the amp with an inline fuse holder with no pinch points, the ground is connected to the top of the trunk with paint scraped away for a good connection, the remote turnon is connected to the proper wire on the deck, the rca's are connected to the subouts on the deck and the rca input on the amp, and the speaker wires are run properly...... WHAT THE F#@$?!?!?!?!?!?1

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    oh yea its a sony cdx-m650 deck with a crunch usa 1000w amp and 2 audiobahn 12" subs....someone help me out??!!?!

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    i know why it doesnt work its a Sony deck duh, ha just kidding i dont know why i wouldnt, is ur amp old or new?

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    pretty much brand new....i bought it in like september, it wasnt installed til like january, i wrecked my car in march n it was just put back in to my new car so its got about 2 months of use on it....i have been pondering whats going on for 2 days lol

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    well,i fi i were u i would test each compnenet out in another car, and see if its not one of the components, its all a a matter of deduction now.....i am not a big sony fan so i would think it was the sony head....but i am not a professional and i am not there to see whats up

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    the amp wont turn-on? jump the +12v on the amp to the remote turn-on on the amp, thatll make your amp stay on and bypass the sony turn-on lead(ruleing out the crappy sony headunit). if it still doesnt work, get a volt meter and see if your getting +12v into the amp. Also might want to check the fuse, maybe its broken somehwere you cant see.

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    actually ur right the fuse was broken...for now i just hooked it up without a fuse (dont get scared im not gonna turn it on) so there arent live wires floating around n im gonna go get a bigger fuse tomorrow to be safe

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